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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring






The Secil Group awarded BHB the turn-key supply of a Continuous Monitoring System of the carbon monoxide content in the petcoke new silo of Maceira Production Center.


Following the good results in similar projects and our knowledge and experience in this type of solutions, it was chosen an extractive type analysis system, which has a greater precision of the measurement (comparing with in situ analysis systems) and it's not affected by the high particle content in the gas. Incidentally, this solution follows the existing standard and the proposed equipment is the same as it's installed in various process analysis systems of CMP's plants.

Thus, for the analysis of the Carbon Monoxide (CO) present in the Petcoke Silo, the analysis system will be formed by several modules and composed of several pneumatic and electrical assemblies, properly integrated in an analyzer cabinet.

We'll like to enlighten that the calibration of the ABB Uras26 analyzer does not required bottled gases (Zero and Span), since the zero-point calibration is carried out aspirating filtered ambient air and the span calibration is carried out by means of calibration cuvettes with gas filling. With this solution, the total expected operating time for calibration and maintenance is only 0,3%.


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