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    Emission Monitoring






The Tunisian cement group SOTACIB has awarded BHB the renewal of some of the Dust Continuous Monitoring System of its white cement plant in Feriana.


BHB was the company selected by the SOTACIB cement group for the renewal of some of the dust continuous monitoring system of the Feriana plant, replacing existing systems.

Maintaining the same measuring principle, the optical transmission of visible light, BHB choosed the robust and precise DURAG D-R 290 system. This choice was made based on the following remarkable and differentiating characteristics of this system:

  • In-situ measurement procedure for continuous measurement;
  • Semiconductor source with extended lifetime;
  • Use of Super Wide Band Diodes (SWBD) instead of conventional LEDs, guaranteeing more stable measurements;
  • Automatic test functions with correction of measured values ​​in relation to levels of dirt;
  • Electronics and Optics sealed hermetically, not allowing their contact with the gas;
  • Ease of adjustment, no need to use additional equipment;
  • Low maintenance cost thanks to the built-in purge air system.


In the scope of supply, BHB also performed the start-up, commissioning and testing of the equipment, as well as, the training of local operators.


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