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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring






BHB – Sistemas de Controlo e Medida had its foundation in 1997, with the goal to provide tailor made solutions to its clients in  areas such as Field Instrumentation, Gas Analysis and Maintenance Services. By combining their extensive know how and experience in these areas, the three founding partners of BHB have designed a business model considered by many to be a national and international case study for the sector.

With the globalization of certain industrial processes and industrial equipment brands (namely Bailey and Hartmann & Braun, which first three letters form the company’s name), BHB has strived in providing innovative solutions with a strong technological component to its clients thus offering a high value integrated project.




In parallel with its focus on Industrial Instrumentation, BHB has also sought to diversify its business portfolio and satisfy the current demand in the market. As such, the company has expanded its business portfolio to areas such as emissions monitoring and process analysis, by adding air quality and noise monitoring systems to its solutions portfolio.

More recently, the solutions in digital signage, in secondary power systems and in ATEX equipment enriched the business profile.

Not only BHB has been a strategic partner to the top industrial groups in Portugal but it has also followed a successful internationalization strategy in the last 15 years. The company presently operates in markets such as Spain, France, Holland, UK, Hungary, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mozambique, Brazil, Greece and Cyprus.

Together with the growth of the product portfolio and business areas, BHB has developed an extensive network of industrial maintenance operations, which is nowadays spread countrywide and that operate worldwide