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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring



In BHB we believe that the integration with the stakeholders in an ethical, responsive and transparent way is the critical factor for the success of our business.

Currently the services and industrial sectors are under strong pressure to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve efficiency. As a response to this growing challenge we have always established with our represented manufacturers a close relationship defining them as business partners.

In fact, throughout our existence we have been ensuring the representation of a very significant set of brands/manufacturers, associating leading brands with brands that show a high potential of growth.

BHB has the pleasure to exclusively represent many international manufacturers in the domestic market. Some are centenary others are recent. What they all have in common is the fact of being the best in the market 






In 1988, ASEA (from Sweden) and BBC-Brown Boveri (from Switzerland) agreed to form a joint-venture ABB, Asea Brown Boveri, creating one of the world’s largest industrial groups.

The ABB Group is one of the World leaders in the Energy and Automation technologies, being present in more than 100 countries, with about 110.000 employees and an approximate €25 billion Euros turnover.






AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitätz-Gesellschaft) was established in Berlin in 1887 by Emil Rathenau, who bought the license to use the Edison patent in Germany.

With a presence in more than 15 countries all over the world, AEG Power Solutions offers its clients a broad portfolio of products and integrated solutions in direct current as well as alternate current.






Established in 1992, the Polish company Aplisens is considered as one of the rising stars in the european manufacturing of field instrumentation.

With Headquarters and main manufacturing unit in Warsaw, since the beginning, Aplisens has specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of equipment to measure level and differential pressure.






The BARTEC’s company’s history began with the development and production of a switch to avoid explosions in gas stations in 1975.

BARTEC is dedicated to providing equipment and services in situations where dangerous substances such as inflammable liquids, gases and dust can give rise to an explosion.



bartec benke



In 2003, a take-over operation was performed by the BARTEC Group on Benke Instrument & Elektro, establishing a new company in the BARTEC group – Bartec-Benke was born.

With this acquisition, BARTEC granted the association of its expertise in the design and development of equipment for explosive atmosphere zones and in environment control to Benke Instrument & Elektro specialization in analyzers systems, specifically, physical properties analyzers.






BMG MIS (former AEG MIS) is one of the leading manufacturers of information systems and digital signage.

Observing the continuous traffic increase, the company decided to guide People through it, providing informative displays and developing information software.






Established in 1956 by Herbert Brause and Erich Meinhardt,  Elektron OHG is the CONRAC genesis, manufacturing machinery parts home appliances and low cost recorders.

Currently, Conrac GmbH is one of the world’s leaders in digital signage, with special focus on public information displays, information systems and OEM monitors. 






The German company DURAG was established in 1948 by H. Wilhelm Schaumann after World War II. Taking the advantage of the fact that many scientists at that time did not have place to develop their activities, Mr. Schaumann took the opportunity to inspire them on new ideas.

DURAG gets its name from a innovative military instrument for gamma rays detection, called DURATRON.



durag ds



DURAG Data Systems was formed in 2008, after a spin-off operation from an DURAG GmbH Division, responsible for the development of acquisition and environmental data processing systems.

DURAG Data Systems is dedicated to the development and supply of integrated solutions contemplating environmental data management systems. 






ENOTEC GmbH was established by Fred Gumprecht in Gummersbach, Germany, during 1980.

In 1986, ENOTEC developed the first oxygen analyzer which used zirconium oxide (ZrO2) as measurement technology. In 1989, after the success obtained with this analyzer, the company relocated its headquarters and manufacturing facilities to Marienheide.






GREISINGER-electronic GmbH was established in Regenstauf, Germany, in 1980.

With more than 30 years of market experience, its goal continues to be the development and manufacture of field instrumentation (measurement and control equipment), namely sensors.






The German Company DURAG was established in 1948 by H. Wilhelm Schaumann after the end of World War II. Hegwein, GmbH was established in 1948 and became a member of the DURAG GROUP in 1996.

Hegwein, GmbH develops and manufactures gas and oil fired igniters, gas burners and accessories for combustion technology from its factory in Stuttgart, Germany






Honsberg Instruments, GmbH was established in Remscheid, Germany, in 1963, as a family business.

In its 50 years of existence, Honsberg has reached a significant position in the industrial instrumentation market, namely in measurement and control technology related to the flow, level, temperature, pressure and filtration elements.






In 1945, Masao Horiba created the HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY in Kyoto. In 1953, he established HORIBA, LTD. as a manufacturer of measuring instruments.

With branches in more than 35 countries, HORIBA operates in the Automotive Test Systems, Process & Environmental, Medical, Semicondutor and Scientific business segments.






Intra-Automation, GmbH was established by Ernst Evers in Grevenbroich (Germany) in 1977, and is dedicated to the manufacture of flow, level, pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure measurement and control systems. 

Intra-Automation products are currently marketed in 55 countries and a myriad of industries around the world.






LNI Schmidlin in one of the three companies that are part of the Swiss LNI group, which was established in Geneva in 1905. Specialists in gas calibration, its range of products are segmented between gas calibration systems, gas generators, gas mixers and components.

As precursors of the SWISS MADE brand, LNI Schmidlin assures very high liability and accurate levels, essential features in this type of equipment.






Martens Elektronik GmbH was established in 1988 as a company specialized in research, designing and manufacturing of electronic devices for standard or customized applications in the process control and measuring instrumentation.

With more than 50 extremely specialized employees, Martens integrates the GHM Messtechnick Group.






The M&C TechGroup was established in 1985 by Olaf Sommer in Ratingen, Germany, at that date under the designation M&C Products Analysentechnik, GmbH.

M&C is specialized in manufacturing solutions for gas sampling and conditioning, most still under patent registration due to its high innovation level






NOVUS Produtos Electrónicos Ltda. was established in April 1982, initially under the name of E.C.I. Equipamentos Científicos e Industriais Ltda.

In the 80s the company dedicated itself to the development, manufacturing and marketing of measurement and control electronic instrumentation, especially in the temperature field with industrial and laboratory applications. Currently, NOVUS exports 40% of its production to more than 50 countries.






Established in 1964 by Roger Parker, Partech Instruments has its origin in the development of instrumentation for the wastewater treatment market, which actually continues to be its core business.

With nearly fifty years in the market it remains as a leader in the manufacturing of on-line and portable water quality measuring equipment, having established a high reputation for the quality of its products



paul gothe



Established in 1924 by Paul Gothe, Paul Gothe LTD. is currently Paul Gothe’s Foundation property.

With a vast experience and knowledge in products related to Air Quality monitoring, Paul Gothe LTD is the world’s largest specialist in sampling. Excellent in quality control, producing its components in stainless steel and titanium ensures lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in its products.






Established in 1939 by Jiro Tsuji, RKI (Riken Keiki Fine Instrument Co. Ltd.) is the world leader in gas detection sensors technologies.

Celebrating more than eighty years in the gas detection field, RKI has more than 150.000 detection points installed in the semiconductors industry.






The German company DURAG was established in 1948 by H. Wilhelm Schaumann after World War II.

Smitsvonk was established in 1947, in the Dutch city of Zoetermeer, being bought by the German group DURAG in 2006.



spectra sensors



Established in 1999, from a NASA –Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory spin-off, SpectraSensors Inc. is a leader in the market for supplying process control applications and monitoring based on Laser Spectrometers.

With over than 6.000 units installed, the company was classified in four consecutive years among the 100 fastest growing companies in the United States of America, in the Energy field.






The Dutch company Synspec was established in 1993 by Titia and Frank Meuwese, being since 1998 the world’s leader in the benzene and BTEX analyzers market (group of organic volatile compounds composed of benzene hydrocarbons, toluene, ethyl-benzene and xylenes).

Synspec also has a strong market dynamics in the monitoring of ozone precursors and in toxic hydrocarbons monitoring in industrial areas.






The German company DURAG was established in 1948 by H. Wilhelm Schaumann after the end of World War II. Verewa was established in 1939 and joined the DURAG Group in 1996. In 2013, the company merged with DURAG GmbH Group, maintaining its Verewa brand.

Verewa develops and produces devices for measuring particulates, measuring the air quality and Mercury analyzers from its facilities in Hamburg, Germany