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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring



Synspec is a project which began in 1993 by Titia and Frank Meuwese. Only after five years, it became a world’s leader in manufacturing online benzene analyzers and BTEX analyzers.

With a wide network of distributors worldwide (to which BHB belongs) it was possible for this Dutch SME to achieve a strong position in the market of ozone precursor substances monitoring and toxic hydrocarbons monitoring in industrial areas.


Synspec is currently owned by Bohnen Beheer, B.V. which in turn is owned by the Chinese multinational FPI (Focused Photonics Inc). Synspec is a co-owner of LSE Monitors, company responsible for the creating the PAS CQB analyzer which allows ammonia and N2O emissions monitoring in various industries.

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Above - Detail of rack and panel mounted BTEX analyzers


The company had its genesis in the Dutch city of Groningen, where all the manufacturing, Research and Development, Test and Commercial facilities are located.

Lying implemented in university area, which also has a strong dynamics in research and development, Synspec invests continuously in its constant update and design of new products. Synspec current test lab allows testing hydrocarbons in the range of sub-parts per billion for the percentage interval.



Above - Detail of the Testing Lab


In spite of its technological complexity associated to the measurements produced the Synspec analyzers are likely to be used by people with little background in chemical analysis.

Betting on after-sales service, offered by its representatives, BHB has specialized technicians and trained in Groningen, capable of performing repair and services of the devices and are allowed to give advice on evaluating your measurement results.



Above - Panoramic view of Synspec’s facilities


The Synspec line of products is composed of:

  • GC955 Series – Extremely flexible analyzers that allow analysis in very low ppb and ppt and up to 40 compounds in a single analyzer;
  • Alfa Series – Analyzers for standard applications, where only one of two compounds are being determined. It is a small and light analyzer, therefore easy to transport and its installation is an easy task. Extremely intuitive allows its use is possible with very little technical background in gas chromatography.
  • Delta Series – Analyzers for very specific industrial applications that allow ppm and % concentration ranges analysis. This series is frequently supplied together with a stream selector.




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