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The German multinational BARTEC has it’s origins in Barlian Technik, GmbH that was established in 1975 by the German Reinhold A. Barlian.

This entrepreneur designed, developed and produced a switch that avoided eventual explosions in gas stations.

In 1978, BARTEC was established, and in 1979 opened branches in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In 2003, a take-over operation was performed by the BARTEC Group on Benke Instrument & Elektro, establishing a new company in the BARTEC group – Bartec-Benke.

With this acquisition BARTEC granted the association of its expertise in the design and development of equipment for explosive atmosphere zones and in environment control to Benke Instrument & Elektro specialization in analyzers systems, such as physical properties analyzers, modular gas analyzers, process analyzers and NIR (Near Infrared) spectrometers.


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AboveDetail of the BARTEC Group Headquarters in Bad Mergentheim, Germany



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