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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring



In 1948 H. Wilhelm Schaumann saw an opportunity on the fact that many scientists at that time could not return to their workplaces.

Taking this opportunity to inspire them on new ideas, he established the German multinational company DURAG, which gets its name from a military appliance developed at that time to detect gamma rays called DURATRON.

In two years DURAG produces and introduces into the market its first standard equipment, the optical sensor D-US 100.

Due to the shortage of manpower in the market, opportunities for the development of equipment for rationalization and industrial process automation began to emerge, giving rise to its development and production.



Above - H. Schaumann, the optical sensor D-US 100 and DURAG's first facilities in Hamburg


In the beginning of the 50s, DURAG had 6 employees but the projects weren't passing to production due to the lack of productive resources and raw materials. It is in the 60s, with the development of the transistor, that the company develops and markets the first electronic equipment for industrial process control - the new electronic counters and solid-state computers - exclusively dedicated to the industrial manufacturing processes.

The first half of the 70s revolutionized the microprocessors. DURAG, taking advantage of being the first manufacturer to introduce Intel's 4004 processor in its products, took the leading advantage defining the price-target in the market. Besides the process control business area, DURAG focused again on the development of special applications, such as, dust contents meters or ignition systems for boilers.



Above - First electronic equipments produced by DURAG


Following the continuous development of the microprocessors in the 80s, DURAG began to develop intensively process control and continuous emissions monitoring systems. It was at that time launched DURAG's first emissions monitoring system for combustion chambers and the two channels flame monitor.

In the 90s, DURAG changed unambiguously its business orientation.  With the increase of regulation levels about dust emissions, monitoring systems (associated to computers) were developed in Germany, allowing to send reports to the Authorities as well as monitoring and displaying the measurements performed in graphic coloured displays. The new legal framework for emissions monitoring in other countries led to the company’s business internationalization, originating the opening of DURAG’s subsidiaries in many countries.




Above - Detail of the equipment dedicated to dust monitoring


The market leadership came with the new millennium. Investing in the acquisition of specialized companies in its areas of business, the DURAG Group was formed. The continuous development of solutions for the dust monitoring as well as the introduction of mercury analyzers enlarged the Group’s applications portfolio. In this decade, DURAG Group launched it first solutions that enable the access to the emissions and process monitoring data, allowing the automatic issuing of the measuring reports to the Authorities or even the data acquisition for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects.




Above - BHB Service Specialist operating DURAG's dust monitor


Betting on premium after sales service provided by its representatives, DURAG placed on BHB the responsibility of representing them exclusively for the Iberian and Mozambique markets.

BHB Service specialists  were trained in all DURAG’s business areas, in order to perform the repair and maintenance of the devices and are fully authorized to advise on the evaluation of their measurement results.





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