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    Emission Monitoring



In 1945, when still a University student at the Kyoto University, Masao Horiba, current chairman of Horiba’s Supreme Council, created the HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY in Kyoto.

This company was funded with the objective of continue research in nuclear physics, which had been interrupted by the defeat of Japan in World War II.

HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY obtained the first commercial success with the development of a capacitor for nuclear physics experiences. However, due to the conflict of Japan with Korea, Horiba was only able to market a pH meter, which was extremely well received by the market. Before he realized, Masao HORIBA was already famous as pH meters manufacturer.

In 1953, eight years after creating the HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY, HORIBA, LTD. was established and the first steps were taken as manufacturer of measuring instruments.


 Horiba I

Above - Masao Horiba at the entrance of HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY, the first HORIBA, LTD facilities and recently speaching in Kyoto.


In 1957, after the success of the first pH meter with a glass electrode, and when there was a boom of IR analyzers, the company developed its first gas analyzer. In this same decade, Horiba grew from an unknown family business to a large technology company in the Japanese industrial scene, signing a technological cooperation agreement with the giant company HITACHI, LTD.

In 1964, APMA-1 was launched as a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analyzer. Also, the first emission analyzer for the automobile industry was completed- MEXA-1.

After all this big achievements, in 1969, MEXA-200 CO became the world reference for the automobile industry in the following decades.


 Horiba 2

Above - First pH meter and logotype of the technological partnership with Hitachi, LTD.


The 70s were marked by HORIBA’s quotation in the stock market, by the beginning of the company’s Internationalization process in Europe and the United States of America and the acceptance by the Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.A.) of the MEXA analyzer as standard. In 1975, Horiba dedicated to the semiconductor cleaning and to environmental measurements creating the company currently designated as HORIBA Advanced Techno.

The 80s decade was characterized by the numerous innovative products developed, such as the micro pH analyzer, or the acquisition of technological rights related to spectrometers. It was also a period for restructuring the group with the establishment of the HORIBA’s brand, with the opening of the first showroom to the public and with the creation of the currently designated HORIBA ABX S.A., the company dedicated to the marketing of instruments and systems for medical diagnosis.



 Horiba 3

Above - Detail of the portable analyzers dedicated to the Analysis of Dissolved Oxygen OM-51, on the left) and Emissions characterization (PG-350, on the right).


The last three decades of this multinational were dizzying, with the globalization of the operation (Horiba is locally present in 35 countries), with the acquisition of upstream and downstream companies of the various business areas as well as the achievement of various prestigious awards in the industrial and scientific fields. It was also a period of merging the various business areas and the acceleration of the operational and business growth culminating in 2011 with the establishment of the MLMAP (Mid-Long Term Management Plan), an overall extremely daring global project that aims to optimize the 43 companies of the group.

Horiba has a subsidiary in Portugal for medical diagnosis systems and instruments (HORIBA ABX S.A.S. Portugal Branch), being the process and environmental analysis systems and instruments under BHB’s exclusive representation. Accordingly, BHB has a certified and specialized Service team accredited for Service & Repair.




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