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    Emission Monitoring



Fifty years ago, after a period of disappointment with the work developed in the aerospace industry, Roger Parker in 1964 decided to establish Partech (Electronics) LTD. in Hertfordshire, the United Kingdom.

At that time, the company developed and produced a wide range of electronic products for a mixed market.

However, after an approach from the Water Pollution Research Lab (WPRL) for Roger Parker and his team to collaborate in the design, development and production of an instrument to measure the water quality the company opened its way to the wastewater market, which today continues to be its core business.



Above - Detail of the wastewater treatment stations


In 1965, Partech develops the first suspended solids sensor and in 1969, Roger Parker decided to change his lifestyle and moved to Cornwall, today the company’s headquarters.

In the mid-70s, Partech develops the first sludge blanket automatic level monitoring, providing an analog output proportional to the depth of the sludge blanket. This innovative principle, at that time, continues to be used currently, as it allows operation in applications where ultramodern systems are not operative.

The 80s would be extremely prolific to the company since this was the period for the privatization of their main customers. Until then, Partech was an established supplier for the water and wastewater industries and had built a solid reputation with its clients, mainly the public water services.



Above - Detail of suspended solid sensors with self-cleaning system - TurbiTech


However, this was also a time in which a number of notable technical developments were achieved. At the beginning of the 80s, the need to reduce the work in the water treatment stations lead to the introduction of suspended solid sensors with a self-cleaning system – was born in 1980, TurbiTech. 

After a period of health issues, Roger Parker died at the end of 1999, an MBO being held.

Currently, on the path of the entrepreneurship spirit and genius of its founder, Partech Instruments continues to be a leader in the development of on-line and portable water quality measuring equipment.


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Above - Detail of a Turn-key Solution for Wastewater Treatments



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