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    Emission Monitoring
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In 1948 H. Wilhelm Schaumann sees an opportunity in the fact of many scientists of that time were not being able to return to their working places.

Taking this opportunity to inspire them in new ideas, he establishes the German multinational DURAG, the name has its origin in a military instrument developed at that time for the detection of gamma rays, called DURATRON.

DURAG Data Systems (DDS) was formed in 2008 after a spin-off from the Durag GmbH Division, responsible for the development of acquisition and environmental data processing systems. However, its origin remounts to the end of the 70s, mid 80s.

In 1978, DURAG developed a pioneer unit of a data management system for environmental process. Although, due to the fact that the values measured continuously had high momentary fluctuation, it was necessary to compare them to the average of the period as well as with the limit values. This was the first big innovation that the IG 250 brought to the market. 



Above - The first data management system for environmental process, the D-IG 250, its successor D-IG 260 and the first D-EMS system.


With the developments that occurred in the mid-80s, namely the increase in the German legislation for the continuous emissions monitoring, DURAG launched the D-IG 260 in 1981.

In 1984, in line with TÜV Rheinland requirements, the first D-EMS was developed, joining the capacities of D-IG 260 to the possibility of comparing data continuously with a reference value. In 1986, with the entry into the era of the computers, a new generation of systems was born, with more capacity for visualization, processing and data storage. In 1988, the system is “compressed” in a processing unit (D-EMS 285) with the possibility of visualizing data in any PC via D-EVA software.

The 90s and the beginning of the new millennium has brought innovation and a continuous development of the D-EMS systems, allowing automatic reporting, sending reports automatically to the Authorities and the web communication.

In 2009, DDS launched D-EMS 2000 AiO, wich is based on the Linux operating system, has no moving parts (such as fans and hard disks) and has very high levels of availability - a global standard was born.




Above - D-SVR Vs. D-EMS Models.


Betting on the after sales service provided by its representatives, DURAG Data Systems, relied on BHB the responsibility of representing them exclusively for the Iberian and Mozambican markets.

BHB Service specialists were trained in all DURAG Data Systems products, in order to perform the repair and maintenance of the devices and are fully authorized to advise on the evaluation of their measurement results.



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