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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring



AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitätz-Gesellschaft) was established in Berlin in 1887 by Emil Rathenau, who realizing the potential associated to electricity bought the license to use the Edison patent in Germany.

From that moment, AEG became one of the most advanced companies being the precursor to numerous innovations such as the first cassette recorder or the first electric locomotive (1935), the first automatic washing machine (1958) or even the usage of LCD technology (1970).

Inheriting its name AEG, AEG Power Solutions had its genesis in Saft (1917) becoming one of the main world manufacturers already as Saft Power Systems (1947). Progressively the following companies RSI (France), Nife (Sweden), Harmer+Simmons (England), AEG SVS (Germany) and Alcatel Converters (France) joined, forming the actual company structure, called AEG Power Solutions in November 2008.



Above - Detail of the production line of UPS AEG Protect, in Belecke (Germany)


Present in more than 15 countries all over the world, AEG Power Solutions offers its clients a broad portfolio of products and integrated solutions in direct and alternate currents. This broad portfolio of solutions is segmented into two complementary business lines - Renewable Energy Solutions and Energetic Efficiency Solutions.




Above - Detail of applicational solutions systems for demanding industrial infrastructures



In the solutions for renewable Energy segment AEG Power Solutions supplies power regulation systems as well as modules for solar solutions, lying upstream and downstream in the photovoltaic industry chain. This segment also includes the offer of solar inverters and dedicated software.




Above - Detail of application solution system for photovoltaic panels



In the energetic efficiency solutions segment AEG Power Solutions offers robust secondary power supply solutions, namely UPS systems and power supplies for telecommunications, which assures continuous supply for the demanding industrial infrastructures such as refineries, power plants, distribution and manufacturing.



Above - Detail of the UPSs



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