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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring



Established in 1992, the Polish company Aplisens is considered as one of the main manufacturers of high quality field instrumentation.

Providing and manufacturing solutions for industrial measurement, control instrumentation and automatics, Aplisens has experienced a very solid growth by developing high quality products, with an impressive flexibility and fit to the industrial market demand. The manufacturing output has been supported by 6 manufacturing plants located in Poland, and one branch, based in Belarus.

Additionally, Aplisens established a very solid partner network (represented in Portugal by BHB) that provides a top quality after sales and technical support, extending the existing quality demonstrated in its products.


Aplisens vf

Above - Detail of the manufacturing facilities and headquarters in Warsaw, Poland



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  mais   Hydrostatic Level Probes;    
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  mais   Valves;    
  mais   Digital Indicators.    




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