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  • Emission Monitoring
    Emission Monitoring

Process Analysis Solutions



BHB is specialized in the development, design and start-up (commissioning) of Process Analysis Systems and currently has innumerous national and international references in various business sectors.

A standard solution for process gas analysis is based on a cabinet or container, totally electrified with a set of analyzers for measuring CO, SO2, NO, NOX (through a NOX to NO converter) CO2, N2O, CH4, O2 and VOCs (through a flame detector device).

BHB is recognized worldwide for its process analysis solutions using the most diverse solutions provided by the companies it represents.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us in order to obtain customized solutions for your requirements, concerning:

  • Type of Cabinet or Analytical container;
  • Measuring Systems for Process Emissions;
  • Gas sample transport and collection System;
  • Gas sample Conditioning System;
  • Type of Analyzer;
  • Calibration Device and Control;
  • Particulate Content measurement;
  • Gas Emissions Flow measurement;
  • Acquisition, Supervision and Data Management System.


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