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The "Turnkey" concept is based on something ready to be used, including all the equipment, manpower, documentation and training necessary for your performance.

Specialization in providing Turnkey solution results from extensive experience in wide-scale projects (both in domestic and international markets), which due to their complexity was delivered to a single business partner. Anticipating this market requirement, BHB specialized itself in providing this type of solution, diversifying its applicability to the various markets in which it operates.

Normally, BHB’s turnkey solutions contemplates, in an integrated manner, the following competences:

  mais    Identification and evaluation of the Client’s requirements, legal or regulatory;
  mais    Consulting in engineering;
  mais    Site Survey;
  mais    Basic Engineering;
  mais    Detail Engineering;
  mais    System integration and assembly;
  mais    Electrical installation and assembly;
  mais    Mechanical installation and assembly;
  mais    Solution's configuration, setup and optimization;
  mais    Comissioning;
  mais    Solution start-up;
  mais    Users Training;
  mais    As-built documentation.