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In 1988, ASEA (from Sweden) and BBC-Brown Boveri (from Switzerland) agreed to form a joint-venture ABB, Asea Brown Boveri, creating one of the world’s largest industrial groups.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the company employs 145,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries.

ABB’s business is comprised of five divisions that are in turn organized in relation to the customers and industries they serve.

The group is particularly proud of its record for innovation - widely recognized through countless awards and scientific accolades. Many of the technologies we take for granted today, from ultra efficient high-voltage direct current power transmission to a revolutionary approach to ship propulsion, were developed or commercialized by ABB.

Today ABB is the largest supplier of industrial motors and drives, the largest provider of generators to the wind industry and the largest supplier of power grids in the world.



Above - Detail of the Power Unit Construction at Ras Laffan, in Qatar.


In Portugal, reflecting the characteristics of the local market, ABB grew mainly from the 50s, establishing important technical cooperation agreements and enabling the domestic manufacturing of significant heavy electromechanical industry. This important role in the industrial sector resulted in a high rate of technology transfer from Asea and Brown Boveri (today both ABB) from Sweden and Switzerland to Portugal.

Later on, in the 90s, ABB profited from the support granted to the industrial sector, being invited to supply the high-voltage big generators and motors, in most of the domestic thermoelectric and hydro power plants and also in equipment for the energy transmission and distribution.



Above - Detail of the Advance Optima Continuous Gas Analyzers (CGA).


In 1997, BHB represented the manufacturers Hartmann & Braun and Elsag Bailey for the domestic market. In 1998,  ABB sells its stake in the Adtranz Group and acquires the Elsag Bailey Group (Hartmann & Brown, Fischer & Porter, Bailey Controls...). Therefore, in 1998, BHB obtains the unique representation for Portugal in the Business area of Process Automation Division, particularly in relation to the Instrumentation and Process Analytics.



Above - Detail of the WaterMaster electromagnetic flow meters.



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